Unifi Cameras, Dream Machine Pro, Unifi PoE Switch

I avoided tech for most of my holiday break but the one tech project I did do and was super excited about was setting up our new Unifi camera system.  This system required me to upgrade my router, switch, and run new ethernet through my house.  The router has a built-in Unifi controller with Unifi Protect and a drive bay to slot in an HDD to store recordings.  The switch supplies PoE to the cameras and also allows me to separate them into their own VLAN to get them off my main network.  Firewall rules are also set to limit traffic.  Not only does this protect me if the cameras are compromised but since there's ethernet running outside of my house if anyone jacks into the wire used for my camera, they can't access anything.  Props to the neighborhood kid who does that though. I'd be mad but intrigued.


The cameras are amazing and record footage 24/7.  I can scroll through a feed and watch the shadows move as the sun's position changes in the sky.  We had Arlo's before and we got tired of 2 things
1) missing out on footage because the recording triggers halfway or after someone has passed the camera (even with sensitivity settings lowered)
2) Batteries dying constantly.  Neighborhood cats or our trees would constantly trigger motion and drain our batteries.  I had angled them away from the street to avoid them detecting motion but that didn't help.

The Unifi cameras don't just record 24/7 they also have motion detection and smart detection.  Smart detection was something we had to pay for in the Arlo cameras.

Breakdown of detections on our cameras

My next project now that I have the ability to create VLAN's is to create a VLAN just for my VulnVM labs that will be limited to access via an instance of Guacamole.  I might consider tying them into my guest wifi as well but I'm still thinking that through.