Top 3 computers by network activity on my home network.

I like viewing usage stats for my home network and comparing just how much data each device is using compared to other devices.  For example I would have always thought my Plex server would use the most data but that reward actually goes to my wife.  She streams video games live to Twitch and that eats up lot of data.  Add the fact that she streams at 1080p 60fps and also views multiple streams for other users.  I think her approving the purchase of my new networking equipment is justified lol.

Tonight was an interesting night because we were both playing the same game on Stadia but on our own PCs.  So that would have been two Stadia streams, mine at 4k and hers at 1080p.  On top of streaming the game from Stadia, she was also streaming back out to the internet to Twitch.  In total that was 22.8 Mbps of network traffic. My computer with just Stadia at 4k was 14.2Mbps, she about doubled my usage.

I pretty much left these stats open while we played and watched the numbers bounce around.  The one thing I hadn't thought much about until I saw these charts tonight is that my camera's transfer a lot of data over my network.  It slightly makes sense because my system allows for 24/7 recording to a HDD but I find it interesting.