I've finally remade my blog and settled on a theme I'm happy with.  None of the links match up in the sidebar for the moment but I've made some QOL tweaks to this themes code that makes me happy.  I've had multiple blogs blogs in the past but I'd always let them fall into disarray and I was never 100% happy with what I had.  I was inspired to recreate my blog by a tech youtuber I follow who encouraged his viewers to get out and either start a blog or a Youtube channel.  For him it didn't matter if your content wasn't super high genius level, just get out and talk about what you're doing.  This not only shares what your passionate and enthusiastic about, but it also solidifies concepts in your mind by explaining things you may have just learned.

Right now I have 21 projects that I want to work on listed in TickTick (my to do app). Four of those projects I have plans to work on this weekend:

  1. Setup this blog (check):  I had initially planned to create this blog in Django to help practice my Python which is something I want to get better at.  But instead of using all of my time this weekend to create this blog in Python and tweaking everything to my hearts content, I just spun up a well maintained blog CMS instead.
  2. Setup self hosted Habitica: I'm planning with friends to start doing workout challenges and Habitica may be a fun way to accomplish that. Self hosting Habitica might allow bypassing the premium restrictions, but also gives us more fine tune control in how we want to run our challenges.
  3. Setup SSO for home server: Right now I have a bunch of services running on another server but each of those services have a different login.  My goal is to get those under one login either using Okta or PlexAuth.
  4. Move CCNA Studies to Nextcloud: There's not much to this one other than I have a great Nextcloud instance that would be great to host my CCNA content on and keep track of my studies.
  5. Bonus - Setup EVE-NG: I don't think I'll have time to get to this but this software looks great for some of my labbing.  I'm really curious to see what I can do with this software and virtual machines.

So that's it for this post and I'm going to move on to setting up SSO for my server... or do I want to work on another project I have not listed.  Distractions.