I took a break from TryHackMe and the Advent of Cyber because the last couple of weeks before the holidays were extremely busy and I was pretty burned out with tech. I ended up spending most of the holidays away from my PC and just reading books, running, sleeping in, and chores around the house.  The holidays were pretty much all about self care.  I missed out on some reward opportunities but the break has been a really nice reset.

Current status

I didn't like the way I was doing a daily review.  I'd intended it as a way to motivate me to keep at the challenge every day but my posts felt too shallow and drafting the posts was adding to my burnout.  Now I'm back to labbing daily because that's a habit I like to have, but I won't do a post every day.

My main focus now that I've been back has been to spend an increased amount of time on each room not just solving questions but also reading through all of the references that are shared with it.  I've also been putting a larger emphasis on my notes.  For the references I'm putting those in my physical hacking journal for quick lookups as well as in Notion.  For the challenges themselves I take notes in Visual Studio Code of every step I take and my findings. This is something I saw other computer security influencers doing and wanted to incorporate it into my own workflow.

When completing challenges on TryHackMe I prefer to be on my laptop but sometimes I'll use a VM on my main desktop depending on my mood or other things I'm working on.  Having my notes split between two different places stresses me out.  I could use programs like Evernote or Joplin to take notes and keep them in sync, but I find their interface too distracting while taking notes.  Today I figured out my solution and have started using my Nextcloud server to keep everything in sync.  I have a folder for each challenge where I store the scripts used along with the notes.  It'll also store things like screenshots.  This keeps my workflow the same between all of my computers.

My Nextcloud folder for Advent of Cyber

I'm almost done with networking and moving into rooms labeled special which I'm guessing will be a mix of everything learned so far.  I'm looking forward to what John Hammond and Cybermentor have put together.  Out of web exploitation and networking, networking has been my favorite challenges.