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CCNA Study Plan

I'm a little late in sharing this but I'll paste below my rough study plan for the CCNA exam that I created in Excel.  There's going to be three columns, videos, #vids, and book section.  The Videos column lists the

Journey to CCNA #2

I'm currently on my fourth week of studying and on track for my long term goal of taking my CCNA exam on 6/28.  I was starting to get concerned during my second week of studies because despite putting a

Journey to CCNA #1

Getting CCNA certified has been an aspiration of mine for a long time now but something always seems to happen that takes my concentration away from my studies so much so that my time spent studying for the CCNA slowly

Self Hosted Anki Server

Recently the amount of topics I want to study have grown substantially.  There's the new CCNA which is my primary focus, followed by learning a new language together with my wife.  Then there's a myriad of other tech topics that

Stardew Valley Server

Today was officially the first day of a two week long holiday break for Xmas and New Years.  Two weeks is perfect for establishing those good life goals / habits like working out and studying new topics.  It's also a good

Hello World

I've finally remade my blog and settled on a theme I'm happy with.  None of the links match up in the sidebar for the moment but I've made some QOL tweaks to this themes code that makes me happy.  I've