This is the first post for my new blog on Hostgator.  I used to run my website and 3 others on a home Apache server but running a website on my home internet without a dedicate static IP was annoying.  I had the router configured to NO-IP ( which gave me a static address I could forward all of my domains to and Apache was setup to display whatever webpage was requested.  Because I was forwarding the domains, any user that accessed my site had to use WWW when typing the URL.

My home server setup was cool for a little while but two things ended up happening, 1) my wife wanted her own professional website and was urging me to have a more professional URL and 2) my server started having some issues.  I was running multiple services on my server and one of them borked so badly that I wanted to start at ground zero and redo my server with some of the lessons learned when I first set it up.

Instead of installing Apache to my server again and introducing something else that has to be kept up to date and not a possible security risk, I moved my blog over to a new host and setup my wife’s blog on that host as well.

Right now my blogs style is in flux but I want to start getting things posted.